Learn about our products and technologies, applied in different areas.

Interactive Digital Marketing

We offer cutting- edge technology together with an assertive and high quality view with which effective and powerful actions are created to communicate your message in a way that leaves your mark. In this way, you can provide an unforgettable experience to your clients.

Interactive Estate Agencies

We offer interactive digital resources ideal for exhibiting anywhere architectural and real estate projects, in a realistic and immersive way which will facilitate and increase presale of your designs. We put photos, panoramic videos, virtual walkthrough, and immersive walkthrough at your disposal with virtual reality.

Smart Industries

We design solutions to problems of productive sectors, facilitating the process of digital transformation of traditional industries and improving their competitiveness. We offer to develop projects, platforms, and transverse systems that can be a replica in different industries. These solutions bring the industries to be adaptable and efficient in the use of resources and highly integrated between them, which in the long term reduces cost and optimizes their processes.

Smart Retail

We offer to attach importance to the shop space by adding smart technology to the point of sale which recognizes customers and interacts with them showing segmented advertising. It is also analyzed the clients purchase behavior in the shop by following their routes in the corridors. Moreover, it detects when a client takes or returns a product.

Digital Educative Assets

We promote the use of TIC´s in the classroom by means of technological pedagogical applications that stimulates a constructivist learning to increase discovering, creativity and autonomy in the students by using teaching digital resources. We develop educational resources that include interactive sensors and inclusive technological resources.