The new fashionable technologies, virtual reality and mixed reality, are technologies that use a viewer to display additional 3D content to the reality, providing immersive and future experiences to the user.

Virtual Reality:

This technology represents almost real 3D simulated environments, making the user feel that he is immersed in them. These simulated environments are contemplated by means of virtual reality headset. Currently this technology may be accompanied with some smart sensors (See Smart Sensors) which allow a greater interaction with the environment as well as the perception of different stimuli that intensify the feeling of reality. The next video shows an example of virtual reality:

Mixed Reality:

This technological resource allows the user to observe live 3D virtual elements which are superimposed in the real world. This combination allows creating new spaces in which object and real and virtual people interact. Mixed reality not only allows interaction between the user and the virtual environment, but also allows that physical objects from the user´s immediate environment are good as elements of interaction with the virtual environment. These mixed environments are contemplated by means of a mobile device or mixed reality headset. The next video shows an example of mixed reality: