We have at your disposal a set of diverse cutting-edge smart sensors that monitor people´s body movements, and allow them to interact with other devices.

Hand Tracking Device:

This sensor recognizes the movements of hands and fingers. It tracks hands with a 150° field of vision. It recognizes the movements of hands, fingers and their fine movements. It is non- invasive and works only when you put your hands on it. It is ideal for teaching applications and with systems of virtual reality. The next video shows the capabilities of the hand tracking device:

Eye Tracking Device:

This sensor detects live which sector of a monitor is being seen by the user and how long. It detects eye from one person at a time. It is non-invasive and works only when you are in front of it. It is ideal to make analysis about the effectiveness of logos, brands and diverse images in the audience. Applications can even make interact with the eyes. The next video shows the use of the eye tracking device:

Gesture Recognition Armband:

This sensor detects the movements of the muscles of the arm. It is a high sensitivity device that detects hand gestures through the muscles of the arm. It is also a wireless sensor since it has Bluetooth connection, an internal micro processor and led light. It is ideal to make expositions, and even control things with the movements of the arm. The next video shows some applications of the gesture recognition armband: :

Motion Sensing Device:

This sensor allows the users to control and interact with objects and simulators by means of user´s natural interface that recognizes gestures, body movements and voice commands. In this way, it is avoided using a mouse, a keyboard or any other additional device to give instructions. This device is non-invasive. The person only has to stand in front of it to start using it. This system is ideal to interact with other simulators and mini games since it recognizes the user´s natural movements. The next video shows the use of this sensor in a simulator:

Brain Activity Monitor Headset:

This sensor recognizes brainwaves activity which may be monitored wireless or may be even used to control other systems. This device is ideal for monitoring cognitive well-being, or even for inclusive systems in which the users may interact by means of their brain activity. The next video shows in which cases you can use the brain activity monitor headset:

Smart Ring

It detects gestures made with the finger, with which it is possible to interact wireless with other close electronic devices. This technology is a new way of transmit commands to the technological environment that surrounds us, but in an intuitive and natural way. The next video shows how this smart ring is used: